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Captioning The Word is always on the lookout for new Trainees. If you are a student looking to gain experience, or already on the job and looking to increase your speed and dictionary training, Captioning The Word can help you!

Either remotely via phone line or coming out to an event itself, distance is no barrier - there's always room for you. This is a great way for you to practice your skills and give your talent back to God so that more people can come to know Jesus Christ.

How a captioner trains...

Stenocaptioners are trained to use the same shorthand keyboard a court reporter uses.  They listen to the live voice and write what they hear at 250 words per minute or higher.  Special computer software translates their phonetic shorthand into English.

Vocabulary is critical to the success of captioning a Christian event or video.  The captioner must have a well-developed dictionary, containing all of the specialty terminology for what will be captioned.  For doing offline captioning for such things as videos, anything that is not “live”, there is a difficult-to-define artistic quality, which manifests itself in how sentences are split between captions, how captions are placed and formatted, and the smoothness of the timing.  This must be learned in a Christian setting. 

Training for the captioners for this ministry is highly specialized and not only includes teaching them ways to caption, but also in the language used in Christian events and programs.  To get this training, the captioners are required to caption for a church for a period of time familiarizing themselves with speech patterns of Christian speakers and learning the language used in this type of setting. To view a dictionary of Biblical words used in church captioning, click here.

The purpose of training would be to increase the number of individuals skilled in this area and thereby expand the number of Christian programs and events that captioning would be provided at.


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