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In her own words:

"Since captioning at New Life, I virtually have had a new outlook on life and my job. I always come early on my day of captioning to get a jump start on Pastor Dan's sermon and the use of his vocabulary (which is vast) to incorporate into my dictionary. I also just enjoy listening to his sermon. I am not a religious person at all, but thank you for adopting me at New Life. I have benefited spiritually."

"I am the newest member of "The Team". When John Ford and his wife, Kathy, come up after the service and say thank you, I can't help but say, no, but thank YOU! I hope I am making a difference for people that are deaf and hard of hearing. I can honestly say that I will only get better. I promise."

"On the technical side of things, I have been inspired beyond comparison. I am becoming a better writer. I am more aware of my conflicts in my writing. I plan on taking a few real-time courses. I am changing the way I write. I have become enthusiastic again."

"On the emotional side of things, I have never met a team quite like this one. Everyone is unique, caring, and giving in their own right. I am "honoured" that you have asked me to be on this team. Instead of giving of my time and effort, somehow I have gotten more in return. God works in mysterious ways!"

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